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Wellness Matters


I used to write a regular column in the Fergus-Elora News Express called Wellness Matters.

Some of my articles are available below:

Ending gridlock...read more

How to choose a therapist...read more

Forgiveness may be worth striving for...read more

Panic attacks...read more

Eldercare carries unique challenges...read more

Acupressure for your emotions...read more

Divorce - there's more than one option...read more

Fighting Over Finances...
read more

February 2nd, 2011:
Depression can be treated...
read more 

January 19th, 2011:
Employer also has a role in Work-life integration. Part 2 of 2

This article considers the first steps toward achieving harmony in our lives through better integration of work and family...read more

January 5th, 2011:
Work-Family Balance? Part 1 of 2

Work-family balance continues to be a desired, yet elusive, goal for many working Canadians...read more

December 22nd, 2010:
Blue Christmas? Coping with grief over the holidays.

What do you do when the Season's message of hope, good tidings, and joy just doesn't fit for you...read more

December 8th, 2010:
Living with Chronic Illness

Therapist and author, Peggy Penn, once wrote..."in chronic illness the future is wounded". As this quote suggests...read more

November 24th, 2010:
Stress - A growing cause for concern

Stress is a concept that almost everyone would say they understand, yet...read more



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