Therapy Models

I have been trained in a variety of therapy models including Narrative, Solution-Oriented, Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). I prefer to practice therapy using a collaborative approach that helps clients establish goals and build on the skills and solutions they have already developed. I also work with my clients to explore new possibilities for their lives and relationships. My goal is always to make you feel heard, respected, and comfortable. The therapy models I use most are Narrative Therapy and Solution-Oriented Therapy .

What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative Therapy is a strength-based, collaborative approach to dealing with problems in people’s lives. In Narrative Therapy you are NOT the problem...the problem is the problem. A meeting with a narrative therapist is much like a conversation or interview, as opposed to seeing the therapist in a role as expert. I prefer to see you as the expert on your life. When problems are treated as separate from the person, we can begin working together to shrink the negative influence of problems in your life. As part of this process, I also assist you in exploring and connecting with the values, hopes and dreams that are precious to you. Once the problem is more fully understood, you will be better positioned to take a stand against it and reduce its negative influence, which creates room for your preferred way of being to emerge.

What is Solution-Oriented Therapy?

Like Narrative Therapy, Solution-Oriented Therapy is also a strength-based, collaborative approach that sees the problem as the problem - not the person. The focus in this model of therapy is very much on solutions to problems. This means that focussing on future possibilities and solutions enhances change in people's lives. In Solution-Oriented Therapy, you, as the client, set goals and I work collaboratively with you to ensure the goals are doable.

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